I’ve often considered blogging, but like most new bloggers, I had no idea where to start. Who would read my blogs or even care about what I wrote. Would anyone be interested in my fledgling art career or my ebook in progress? Then I realized I have been living in Costa Rica, or Paradise, where it is described as ‘pura vida’ or the pure life. Every day something new or interesting happens. There are so many wonderful opportunities that I could translate into art – remember my fledgling career?

For instance, dining out with friends one evening at La Pradera Bar Restaurante, (located 1.5 km from Tilaran junction, road to Nuevo Arenal), I was able to capture the beauty of the sun setting. I particularly like the fading sunset behind the palm tree, and it was immensely satisfying to view the vibrant colours with a great group of new friends, each of us appreciating it in our own way. This can be one of the most breathtaking sites you can share with someone.

Who knows, maybe one day it might make it to canvass!

Setting Sun