About Me

As a child growing up I always felt lost, never ‘quite’ fitting in anywhere. There are no early recollections of doting grandparents, pets, best friends or favouite places before the age of six. I have absolutely no memories of those early years or what life as a preschooler might have been like. I later learned I spoke only French and idolized an older sister who I tagged after whenever I could. read more>

Mary Ann


I always loved looking at other artist’s work and the images that made me stop and look, and wondered if I could ever do that. I remember one particular painting by Ken Jackson, London Ontario, that I had seen and that painting stayed with me over 8 years before I finally bought a print for myself and hung it over my office desk. I remember Ken telling me that when you see a painting and it ‘speaks’ to you, you won’t forget it. For me, that was true.  I would like to inspire that in others who look at my paintings.